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  • Andrew Smith
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Do you lease your vehicle? Here are 4 things you should know about getting it repaired.

  1. A common misconception among drivers of leased vehicles is that they must have repairs done through a dealership or automaker-associated repair shop.  The truth is that while there may be some slight differences, repairs are done and should be done the same as if you own the vehicle
  2. You will want to choose the right body shop to make sure that the repair work is to factory standards.  Often an insurance company will be able to refer you to a shop that is able to repair your vehicle in such a way that you will not be able to tell it has ever been in an accident.  
  3. Some leases may require that a car be fixed with only factory OEM parts.  In some cases, this can conflict with the insurance policy that is written to replace your lease with the least expensive part.  In those cases work with the body shop service writer and he or she can help you navigate those conflicting policies.  
  4. Some accidents do get reported to Carfax and can cause diminished value.  However, the benefit of a lease is that the customer is not responsible for this value loss at lease turn-in.  

The conclusion here is that a leased and owned vehicle should be repaired in the same manner.  Choose the right body shop for you.   At Tallmadge Collision, our experienced staff can help you navigate all the details of car repair while providing exceptional quality and customer service.


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