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Have you ever wondered why so much attention is given to supporting small business during this time of pandemic crisis?  The reason on its surface is simple…the money going into the small business stays locally and is spent locally supporting our communities.  

There are more complex reasons which are less apparent but nonetheless as important or even more important.  

First, we have incentives that are purely aligned with serving our communities as we live in them.  Our reputation as an independent collision shop for example is a source of pride for us as owners living in our community.  This means we are driven to have the most experienced, highest quality technicians in our shop to maintain and support the high-quality reputation and mission of our business. 

In short, the reputation of our shop impacts the owner/employees living in the community rather than a large corporation headquartered in New York or Chicago who may be too busy to worry about any one shop in one community.

Second, our employees are not numbers on a spreadsheet with value-add calculations next to their IDs.  Our employees are valued empowered members of the team that drive new ideas, train others, and move the business in the same direction. 

The overall result of being locally owned and independent then becomes obvious.  Your experience will undoubtedly result in a higher quality product with the revenue and/or profit gained remaining in the local community, which during times of crisis is even more important for our communities.