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By Andrew Smith

As I write this message, I am encouraged by the resilience and optimism in our industry and country in general.  This unprecedented pandemic has forced our company and many others to quickly pivot on how best to serve our customers. 

That fateful second week of March — you know, the week sports were shut down, the attitude at Tallmadge Collision immediately transitioned to one of servant-hood and increased customer concern.  

As actual rules and restrictions regarding operations of essential businesses such as ours started out vague at best, we were challenged with viewing our business from the lens of our most vulnerable customers and instituting corresponding changes and rules.  

Companies such as ours truly are trying to perform our tasks putting customers and employees first.  For example, we instituted a 100% sanitizing process performed on incoming vehicles (to protect employees) and a 100% sanitizing process performed on vehicles before delivery (to protect customers). 

The underlying message I want to convey is that we as Americans can quickly adapt and transition based on external circumstances (perhaps better than any other country).  

Companies such as ours are trying to do the best we can.  As parts of our society (especially social media and opinion news) continue to try to point fingers at politicians and companies for doing too much or too little to respond, I hope and pray that we as a country give grace to those responding to these unprecedented challenges.  

Further, we need to understand that as Americans our ingenuity and optimism will allow us to get through this and perhaps even thrive through these challenges.

We win together!