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If you have never turned in a leased vehicle, you may be slightly anxious or curious as to how the process works. 

In more recent years, Carmakers will generally send you some document about how to make the turn in easier including some information about the Lease Inspection.

Most lessees are aware that the Carmakers will charge for damage to the vehicle that they determine to be more than normal wear and tear. 

What is normal wear and tear?  What is more than normal?  These are the key questions that will need to be addressed.  Your goal likely will then be to spend as little as possible to avoid paying for damages upon lease turn in. 

So, what should you be prepared to address?

  • “Curbed” wheels (that is wheels that have been damaged by contact with curbs)
  • Scratches, dents, dings, scrapes on the exterior
  • Window cracks
  • Interior stains that are not easily repaired or cleaned
  • Excessive or abnormal wear on tires

Some Carmakers will give a dollar amount allowance (e.g. $1,000 allowance on damages) during this process and give more specification on what is above normal wear and tear.  The most recommended option would be to follow their guidance closely.  If the Carmaker indicates dents or scratches must be less than the size of a credit card – pay attention.  

Additionally, be prepared to present your vehicle in the best light possible.  This includes a thorough wash or even a full detail.  If you have a strong relationship with a trusted collision center like Tallmadge Collision, schedule a time for an inspection.  The collision center may be able to better guide you in the costs of the damages that need to be addressed before the lease turn-in.  Then, you can then determine for yourself the most cost-effective path forward.

As always, Tallmadge Collision Centers is here for all your vehicle needs!


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